Thursday, July 29, 2010

Love "Park Time"!

Today Isabella and I went to the park...I love going to the park with her. Seeing her smile and play is just the greatest feeling! We went to a new park and I absolutely loved it!! We'll be going there from now on ;0). We munched on pecan pie (my fav) was tiny! Churros with lemon and a lemon Mexican icee (raspado). Here are a few pictures.



Anonymous said...

So cute!! Looks like u guys had a great time!! That pic with her wearing ur glasses is too cute!

Anna Yan said...

aww! isabella is sooo cute!!

thanks for following my blog! :)

Lily from Paris said...

pure cuteness !!!

SummerLee said...

oh my gosh... is this your daughter? she is way toooo cute!!
xoxo, summer

GorgeousMommyK said...

Thanks girls!