Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boo! Halloween is almost here!

Halloween is around the corner! Do any of you have your costumes yet?

My little family and I were planning on being The Flinstones, but Hubby chickened out! I think he's embarrassed "/ so now I don't know what to dress up Isabella as. She has a Minnie Mouse costume I bought her for "dress up" a couple of months ago but she's only used it once. that's what she's going to be. I have to use that costume, my daughter is not getting any smaller! Lol

As for me, I wanted to be Princess Jasmine, but all the costumes I've found are too umm...???....not something a mom should wear, or so I think. Lol so I'm still trying to find a costume that is "mommy approved".

What are you all dressing up as? How about your kids, siblings?? I would love to know!

Here's a picture of Isabella last Halloween; October 2009. She was 4 months and 3 days old

She was a little kangaroo! Now that she's older, she plays with the little kangaroo that cane with it all the time. It's too cute!

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